New T's for Sale or Trade

nakedeye10 at nakedeye10 at
Mon Jan 6 03:07:01 UTC 2014

I received two new Who T's for Christmas this year.  I really appreciated the thoughtfulness, however, they are both XL, and I'm between M and L.

I'd like to either sell them for $25 each, including shipping, or trade them for new (or almost new) Larges.  

If I sell them, I will reallocate the $ to buy some other cool Who stuff I covet, in order to stay in the spirit of the gift.  I still need Matt's The Who Revealed book.  And for years, I've been in search of the 2007 tour black jean jacket that I steal from Eddie every time we travel.


One of them is the Broadway Tommy yellow and black T.  On the back, it has See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me in read.  I have one since 1994, and I've worn it a fair amount, because it's so different.  I've always quite liked it.
(The ebay listing has nothing to do with me.  It's just some photos.  Ironically, the Tommy shirt is up for $46, in the size that would fit me.)

The other is a Quad tour shirt.  I think it's from '96.  It says Quadrophenia across the front and has the fallout shelter graphic on the back.  It's a white t, with a red band around the neck and sleeves.  I can't seem to find a photo anywhere on line.  I can always take some if you want me to.


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