Long Pete Interview From 2013

nakedeye10 at aol.com nakedeye10 at aol.com
Fri Jan 3 19:02:52 UTC 2014

I think someone posted this not long ago.

I finally listened to it this morning, when my walking partner called in sick.

It's not revelatory, but it's spacious and interesting, as conversations with Pete always are, and it's quite current, taking place towards the end of the North American tour last year.

While it's by no means focused on Floss, he says more than is in the snippet that Alan posted the other day.  Sounds consistent with many of his post WWII, nuclear age themes over the years.

It's close to an hour, so it does take some time, but it's great while walking or in the car.

I encourage people to listen and comment.


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