Roger Wilko Press Conference

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Fri Feb 28 03:51:50 UTC 2014

Thanks to Melissa Hurley for the writeup.


Great night tonight, the Roger Daltrey and Wilko press conference at the Brewery, London was a success. Roger said the Brutish kids had been shell shocked from WW2 and Music was the only thing they had. Here in the UK had Cliff Richard and Lord Sutch. he said Lord Sutch was the original Alice Cooper. Roger was in awe when Lord Sutch was carried in a coffin by the band to the stage also Roger said he saw Johnny Kidd for the first time in 1963 at St. Mary's Putney at that same gig. Roger and Wilko said they had been influenced by Mick Green. That is why Pete took up the banjo.

Roger said that the British do music better than the Americans especially in the punk era. He said the Pistols had been original with anger and the states had torn trousers (Ramones).

Wilko said when he was a lad he walked through Soho and spotted The Who.R & B poster and said it was so in your face and Roger said that poster you actually can hear it! Roger said The Who are still going on. He said the next tour will be similiar to Dylan's neck veer ending tour. 

As for the new Wilko/Daltrey lp, Wilko said he couldn't tell Roger anything. Roger said he has a four octave range and perfect pitch. He also mention when he was five he was in a church choir. With this new album they had no expectations and they just wanted to make an lp. They recorded this lp in eight days. They both had been nervous about the gig the other night. Roger said that Wilko audiences look older than The Who audiences. Also, they did a video for the lp. Roger said he had senior moments and couldn't remember some lyrics. Plus, he uses a different p.a. System than Wilko. He said at the gig that he couldn't hear his voice for the first ten minutes. Wilko was on a different part of the stage than Pete. 
Roger said that people don't remember a great perfect gig but, they remember enormous cock ups. Roger spoke about one direction and said they are ok. Roger also wants to do a bio but, said he is not a good writer as he was thrown out of school at fifteen. Roger spoke about TCT here Nd in USA. He also said we are all energy and we remain as energy when we pass on. He did say he would love to do more gigs with Wilko. It depends on Wilko's health and in a few weeks Rog and Wilko will be a charity gig for pancreatic cancer.A third support slot for the up coming TCT gig they will do even if there is only 100 people there. The new lp will be released on the Chess label via Universal Music as Chess was a RnB label. More to follow........

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