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Below is a top line synopsis of the Triple A bands I saw at the conference earlier this month.  If you want to know more about my take on any particular band, let me know.  Not commenting on a band does not mean that they weren't good and interesting.

Day 1 - Weds. 8/6/14
Liam Bailey 
Bear's Den
London Grammar
Nicole Atkins
Paolo Nutini
Ray LaMontagne

They were all quite good.  Of the top four, the only one I'd see again was Bear's Den.  They were a very Mumford-y sounding band.  And well, I like that kind of thing.

This was my third time seeing Ray.  He's a really good troubadour kind of guy, with a very nice band.

But pick of the day, BY FAR, goes to Paolo Nutini.  Absolutely fantastic.  Passionate.  Energetic.  He's a white boy who got soul, and he plays with a crackin' band.  Must see.  Go.  Trust me.  Go.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Day 2 - Thurs. 8/7/14
Alex & Sierra
Ryan Corn
Scars on 45
Rachael Sage and the Sequins
Andrew McMahon
Run River North
Jeremy Messersmith
Father John Misty
Ryan Adams

There wasn't a single one of the that rocked my world like Pablo did, but again, they were all quite good.  Well, Run River North didn't do much for me.  Not bad.  Just less good than the rest.

For those who are keen on the Civil Wars (I am), you'll want to check out Alex and Sierra.  Nice talent.  Nice vibe.

Rachael Sage had particularly great energy with catchy tunes, and she and the band were a captivating visual image (blue).

Andrew McMahon was compelling.  He reminded me of the Aqualung guy.  Haunting vocals, which he accompanied at the piano.  As a side note, I should hook him up with Roger and TCA/TCT.

Jeremy Messersmith and his band were particularly engaging.  He was a little bit of a young hipster for me, but it was good energy, a good band, and good tunes.

Father John Misty (former drummer for the Fray, I think) did not impress me much out of the gate, but he really grew on me as his set wore on.  By the end, he had completely won me over.  He was a highly articulate and melancholy troubadour who looked like he walked straight out of 1970.

Ryan Adams - He was very Neil Youngish.  I liked him more than I expected.  He was very much in his element, having a great time, but he had a boring-ass rhythm section.

Day 3 - Fri. 8/8/14
St. Paul and the Broken Bones
Lake Street Drive
Anthony D'Amato
Brother's Keeper
The Revivalists
The Wind and the Wave
Jake Bugg
The Both (Aimee Mann & Ted Leo)

FLINTFACE played as a stripped down trio, missing their rhythm section.  The lead guy was very poised and very Simonesque.  I'd see them again.

Johnnyswim was also poised and confident.  They had the nerve to go out into an industry crowd, which always impresses me.

St. Paul and the Broken Bones received one of the very few standing ovations I've seen from this crowd over the years.  (The last time was the Swell Season.)  I was not as impressed as those around me, but I did quite enjoy them.  Solid soul band, with a geeky lookin' white boy son of a preacher man with a big ass soul voice.  I'd take Ty from VT, any day, but these guys were good fun.

Lake Street Drive was thoroughly enjoyable, but didn't live up to the hype.  But maybe that's not fair, as they WERE thoroughly enjoyable!  Particular kudos for the female upright bassist and the substantial, impressive trumpet.

Anthony D'Amato might rate a second look.  He came out solo, with acoustic guitar and harmonica, and really held his own. He was solid and engaging.

The Wind and the Wave pleased me.  They weren't amazing, but they were melodic and to my taste.  Just two people.  One male (vox and elec guit) and one female (vox and acous guit).  There seemed to be a lot of male/female duos performing this year.

Jake Bugg was the other one who didn't quite live up to the huge hype, but I did like him a whole lot.  No complaints.  A strong, full voice, accompanied by aggressive, acoustic rhythm guitar.  Struck me as a bit of a British, male, Melissa Ferrick.  Max - I think you would love him.

The Both (Aimee Mann and Ted Leo) were one of my favorite acts of the conference.  They rocked out.  Probably more than any other band. I've seen Aimee a few times before, but I didn't know anything about Ted.  Seems he's an old punk.  Sean - check 'em out.  I think you'd really dig 'em.

Train is easily dismissed for being too mainstream, but they were polished, professional, fun, and good.  And they definitely had the most enthusiastic fans of the entire week.

Day 4 - Sun. 8/9/14
Martin Harley
The Falls

Martin is a super talented, lap slide guitarist and vocalist.  Thoroughly enjoyable and nice to look out.  Should be a bullseye for Americana.

Again, not commenting on an act does not mean that they weren't good.  As always, the conference was a GREAT experience.  Thank you, always, to Jack and Beth for putting on such a wonderful event.  We are so lucky that for over 20 years, they all keep coming back to Boulder.

Oh, and believe it or not, I skipped the last two bands of the night, each of the three nights.  Post car accidents, I just don't have the endurance.  

I missed:
Black Prarie
Charlie Mars
Warpaint (Nina - didn't get your reply in time)
Rob Drabkin
John and Jacob

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