Is TODAY the Real 50th?

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Wed Apr 30 17:56:11 UTC 2014

From The Who Facebook group
50 YEARS OF THE WHO According to Matt Kent and Andy Neill's's fine book Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, 30 April 1964 is the probable day that Keith Moon asked to sit in with The Who on Bo Diddley's 'Roadrunner'. John Entwistle recalled in Tony Fletcher's book Dear Boy, "When we first saw Keith he had a brown suit, brown shirt, brown shoes, and he'd obviously tried to do a Denis Wilson and put blonde steaks in his hair, but he must've panicked halfway through and it had just gone a dark ginger colour." In just one number Keith had damaged Dave Golding's drum kit, broke the bass pedal and Dave charged the band an extra five pounds for a new pedal. So before he'd even joined The Who they were already paying for his damages! After the show they just asked him "What'cha doing next Saturday?"


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