I have read "Let Me Wear Your Coat"

Stephen Fairbairn thewho at telus.net
Tue Oct 22 03:16:02 UTC 2013

Having read "Let Me Wear Your Coat", (thanks to Lauren for posting about it). $1.06 CDN funds at Kindle, and let me just say that it was worth the price of admission.

A simple read with no real surprises at all, teen angst, bullying, racism, homophobia, jock worship, and loo and behold, everyone has some inner anguish.

I found the Who references forced and awkward (as if written for people who not only have never heard a Who song performed live, or the album "Who's Next" - at least not moved by the power when they heard it). Yes, the author tried hard to implant the power that 'The Who', held for many teens in the 1970's, but the writing took away from the success of the connection. 

I for one can remember how their music helped me through many a bad time, and I believe the main character used the music as an escape, a safe place. 

The book might work well as a teen book - one used as a starting place for a social issues discussion in a junior high school setting, kind of like 'The Outsiders' .... read it first though.

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