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Roger Daltrey of The Who
posted on May 17, 2013 by Dan
Met and talked for quite a while yesterday with the legendary, iconic Roger Daltrey...about "The Who," about staying power in the music business - especially in rock & roll, about life and our times. One of the more interesting conversations I've had in a long while. Singing and music are still his passions, but he's also passionate now about his longtime work with and for teenagers with cancer. He's bringing the Teenage Cancer Trust he helped build in Britain to the USA, under the name Teen Cancer America.

He introduced me to his young friend Cody Simpson, a 16-year-old rising singing sensation from Australia. Cody is helping with Teen Cancer America. Got to eavesdrop on Roger's advice to Cody about how best to handle his growing popularity and keep his career moving upward and onward.

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