Roger on The View

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Fri May 17 16:58:34 UTC 2013

His segment was fairly brief.

They started by rolling tape of Baba from Kids.  Fine enough, except it looked like a 4th generation VHS copy, or maybe some lazy ass production assistant nicked it from You Tube, not realizing it would look like shit on a real screen.  Geez people.  Spend the $30.

Only two interviewers were with him (instead of four) - Whoopi and a guest host, a 40something (I think) black guy named Gary.

Whoopi gave a truly gushing, enthusiastic introduction.  You can tell that she's an actual fan - not a serious fan, but a genuine one.  She thinks they are the shit, and she clearly feels a rapport with both Roger and Pete.

The other guy was mostly just in awe of talking to Roger, the rock legend.  

As with Pete's appearance, they had a fantastic backdrop of a variety of Who photos, interspersed with video.

Roger and Whoopi did some affectionate snuggling early on (sorry, Sara).  And then later on, Roger and Gary had a bit of a snuggle, as Gary wanted in on that action.  And as Roger said, "Hey, it's rock and roll!"

The questions were pretty pedestrian.  Favorite moment early on?  Keith joining.  How did the guitar smashing start?  Did anyone get hurt with the mic swinging?  Mostly himself!  And then at the end, a plug for Who Cares.

Nothing substantial, but Whoopi's passion, Roger's comfort in the setting, and Gary's reverence made it a perfectly respectable showing.


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