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As a veteran rock superstar, do you splurge a lot or are you more frugal?
I'm not a big spender. I probably give most of it away to charities. I've looked after my family -- I (have) a big family -- and I live quite a frugal life, really. I've got a very nice farm and a very nice house. I've got one car and two trucks on the farm, broken-down tractors -- two good ones. That's it.

No old English castles for you like some other rock stars?

Well, (my home is) an old manor house. It's an old, old house, 400 years old, but it's not in that plush bracket at all. I've lived in this house for 40 years -- it was my first big house after moving out of a two-bedroom. I bought this house in the '70s, and I've been here ever since. I found people I like to be around, real country people. They're brilliant. I love it here.

Sounds like you have a good life.

I'm surrounded by good people. That's the measure of a good life. All the rest is flotsam.

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