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Perhaps Roger spent himself in Louisville. The next night, in Columbus, he seemed to struggle a bit and "Pinball Wizard" and "Tea And Theater" were not played.





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My one Who show this tour was in Louisville (I live in Baton Rouge, LA).  I had 
a lower bowl seat close to the stage on Pino's side, but waited outside the box 
office in case some 1st 10 rows seats came open right before the show.  Patience 
paid off-3rd row on Pino's side. The band was UNREAL. Hearing the entire Quad 
was nirvana for me, though after the show I heard some dumb chicks complaining 
about a lack of hits: "I didn't recognize a single song the first hour of the 
show!" Well, then, you shouldn't have come.  The ticket said: "Quadrophenia and 
more..."  What about just listening to the quality of the music and enjoying it?  
I mean, Baba O, WGFA and WAY were played for the first time once, and people ate 
it up because the music was great.  Roger sounded better than he has since 1989, 
in my opinion.  He let out a mid-1970s scream near the end of LROM, and his WGFA 
scream was absolutely vintage.  No squealing at all-just primal power.  He 
sounded very clear and strong on j
 ust abou
 t everything, so the surgery must have really done the trick.  Noticed The Real 
Me was played in a different key to accomodate Roger, and it worked beautifully.  
LOVED Simon's lead vocals on Dirty Jobs, as well as his guitar solo during the 
interlude preceding the harmonica in BOR.  Nice change from the keyboard.  I 
must admit, I am WAY over Tea and Theatre.  It's nice, but just doesn't hold up 
over time.  Need to retire it as a closer.  It's played out.

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