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Sat Jan 19 17:10:42 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone,

Old timers (I was a subscriber and active participant many years back), traveling fans, participants on other lists , and readers of my extensive concert reviews on the most excellent but now defunct will all know who I am, but for those who don't…

My name is Lauren.  I live in Boulder, CO.  I've been a hardcore Who fan for 30 years, now, but even at 46, I am still a "young" Who fan, as I will forever be on the wrong side of the great divide (too young to see Keith).  Still, I've been doing my best over the past 30 years, to make up for lost time, using my limited financial resources to follow The Who around the world, doing whatever it takes to be in the front.

I feel like Zak is "the right guy" to be filling in for Keith.  But it's been really hard for me since John died.  As much as I truly love and appreciate both Roger and Pete, I consider John to be the single most talented musician I've ever seen grace a stage.  On top of that, as talented as he is, IMHO, Pino is not "the right guy."  I've found "the right guy" (a guy named Jim Kennelly up in Seattle).  He is to John as Zak is to Keith, but sadly, Roger and Pete have no interest in leaving their comfort zone.

Anyway, in 2006, I came to terms with the fact that my two choices were simply - go or don't go.  This is what is left.  I was somewhere in the Pacific northwest at the time, in the front row in Portland, I think, when I realized that even 1/2 of The Who is still by far the best thing in the whole entire world and that being in the front row center, being with them making music, is truly, truly priceless.  In my "real life," I'm a low income, single mom, but my true passion is The Who, so, I'm grateful to still be on the magic bus.

On the first leg, I was at:
Both Chicago Shows
(+ Simon solo in Chicago)
NY, NJ, and Philly
(+ Simon solo in Long Island)

I was front row center for all of them except for Simon in Chicago, for which I was back in the 2nd row.  :-)

On the second leg, I will be at:
Vegas x2
(+ Simon solo in Denver)

I hope to meet some of you along the way.  

I'll be sending a subsequent post about tickets, but I didn't just want that to come out of the blue.  



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