Beware Mr. Baker

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Fri Feb 22 05:48:09 UTC 2013

While most certainly not nearly as cool as being at Nassau to see Who2 tonight, I braved the cold and snow to head up to the CU campus for a one off screening of the Ginger Baker biopic, Beware of Mr. Baker.

While it's not outstanding, it is excellent, and I found it fully engaging.  Bottom line, Ginger seems to be an unhealthy and dysfunctional man, but a truly fantastic drummer. 

My favorite part of the film was when he was doing drum battles with some of the all-time great jazz drummers.

My favorite part of the outing is when the power went out and the film (disc) stopped.  They turned on the lights for five or so minutes while they got things re-set and cued up.  Shortly before the crash, a variety of drummers had been talking about how Ginger was more or less the greatest R&R drummer.  I turned to the guy next to me, and said, "I guess they've never heard of Keith Moon."  Before I knew it, the guy was off and running.  He's a drummer himself and has played in a notable Cream tribute band both in the US and England.  He said that Keith was by far the best drummer of them all, with the possible exception of Gene Krupa (Keith's role model).  He said that while he could replicate Bonham with one hand (I challenged the "one hand" part), that Keith was entirely uncopyable.  It was great.

If you're a rock fan, you should definitely go see this movie.  


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