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Thu Feb 7 04:26:49 UTC 2013

Who concert review: I was happy with the floor seats we got, a little cramped for me to dance but that didn't stop me ;). We got there at the end of the opening band Vintage something, they were actually good, a mod type band. But the crowd was mostly sitting.

Oh, note about my fellow Who fans, we are old!! The crowd was mostly 50-70 yr old men...and I was cracking up at a few with walkers, wheelchairs and oxygen tanks!!!  Who fans are a hearty bunch though.  The energy when Pete, Roger and the band hit the stage was amazing, everyone was on their feet.

Interesting while the band was setting up, there was a sign that said something to the effect of "Roger is allergic to pot smoke, please eat brownies only. No smoking"

Also while waiting for the band to come out, there was a very impressive donation push for Teenage Cancer Trust and I was just so proud to see Rogers long time charity so close to home.

So, the1st 2 hours of the show was Quadrophenia, as if you played all 4 album sides in its entirety. For the casual fan, I might of gotten bored as at least a quarter of it is instrumental. But the big video screens were great.

Oh, I forgot! Zak Starkey was out with an injury and they had a REPLACEMENT DRUMMER! Pete said they apologized for the late start as they were putting it together at the last minute. I was disappointed but also intrigued, nervous too as this guy was to fill Keith Moon and his god son's shoes!! I think his name was Scott Devour and he did GREAT!! What a mind blower that had to be for him. Pete compared it to the time in 1973, Keith took horse tranquilizers, passed out and they had to pick a volunteer drummer from the audience to finish the show, who coincidentally was also named Scott.

The highlight for me was 5:15 and Bellboy, to which they did a touching tribute to John and Keith respectively. I cried, it was very touching. Pete really did great on I'm One, very passionate, I announced to nearly all my section that I'm One was the best song on the album. I did that during a few other songs as well.

A few times Roger muffed up the words but that is always the norm. It ended with Love Reign Me. Before that started, being the big last number, Roger gave his voice a break and Pete played guitar during a video of historical photo's, starting around the time Pete was born, until present. The most powerful part was video of 911, when the towers came down.  While watching Pete play with those powerful images behind him, it worked.

The encore was the CSI theme songs, pinball wizard, behind blue eyes. Everyone on stage took a bow and left the stage. Pete grabbed his guitar and him and Roger did Tea and Theatre.  Great song to sum up the whole thing.

Roger's voice held up very good, best in years. Simon Townshend helps out a lot in so many ways. Pino Palladino did his thang the way he does it, with his chicken head bobbing the whole time.

I'd say this is realistically the last time I'll see The Who (two). I loved the show...I had so much fun sharing the music that has been the soundtrack to my life with a good friend. 

Today was busy at work and on < 3 hours of sleep, it wasn't easy, but it was soooo worth it. On the anniversary week of The Day The Music Died.....LONG LIVE ROCK!!

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