Pete interview, BBC TV UK Sunday.

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Hey Martin,

I think this interview mostly stayed away from those kind of questions.  I'd 
love to find a video of it online; so far I've only seen the musical 
portion.  But, the whole night was fascinating. I think what you're 
describing mostly happened in the TV interviews and Pete even joked about it 
at Berklee. He picked up a copy of the book and proceeded to ask himself 
questions from the jacket!

The guitar smash question was, "Pete, will you please play something you 
haven't played yet this week and I have a Gibson SG here, would you like to 
sign and/or smash it?"  There was kind of a groan from the audience and Pete 
just answered "No and No."  But, when he started his set, he mentioned the 
guy and improved on the guitar a bit, which was great.  The  guy who asked 
about John's songs took a long time asking the question and you didn't 
really know where he was going with it.  I couldn't believe he was actually 
telling Pete didn't contribute enough creatively to John's work!  Pete was 
extremely gracious with this guy, even telling him he might be right, then 
proceeded to explain John's demo process and how he would not even include a 
guitar part on the demo.


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Having seen a few different Pete interviews in the last week, one thing does 
annoy me:
Why can't the interviewers come up with some different questions?

e.g.: Is Pete as bored as answering "how did you first smash your guitar?" 
as I am hearing about it?
I know what Pete's answer is going to be before he opens his mouth.

Dear interviewers:
Please use some imagination.  Come up with some more interesting questions. 
Make your interview stand out. Make Pete have to think a bit before he 

Having said that, the crowd at Jim M's gathering have the right idea:

> will you smash my guitar?
> why didn't you do a better job playing guitar on John's tracks?


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