Pete interview, BBC TV UK Sunday.

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Sun Oct 14 15:36:55 UTC 2012

Not that I have to say this to this crowd, but if Pete holds one of these 
events in your area, GO!

The event in Boston was an interview with one of the professors at Berklee 
College of Music.  Pete was sharp, funny and personal.  He then took a few 
questions from the crowd, which despite the nature of some of them - will 
you smash my guitar? why didn't you do a better job playing guitar on John's 
tracks? - he answered with grace and frankness.  He finished by playing an 
improvised guitar piece and 4 standards - Drowned, Acid Queen, I'm One 
("Jimmy, you're not THE one, you're A one") and Won't Get Fooled Again.  He 
was as flamboyant on the guitar as I've ever seen him, adding flourish after 
flourish to the numbers.  This was easily as enjoyable to attend as any of 
the concerts I've ever been to and it only cost me $35, including a signed 
copy of his book!

Jim M

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According to last Sunday's Andrew Marr show, Pete gives his only UK
TV interview that coincides with the release of his book, this Sunday 

In the preview last week Pete talks about Behind Blue eyes and sings
the first few lines.

The Andrew Marr Show,  BBC1 Sunday 14th October, 09:15 BST.



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