BBC UK TV Friday Quadrophenia documentary

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Sat Jun 30 09:54:55 UTC 2012

Jim M asked:
> Is this the same documentary that is coming to US cinemas in July?

Yes.  And it was great....

I was expecting a documentary about the Quad film - but it was nothing like 
It's all about the music, and the original Quad album.
Covers the history of the Who from after Who's Next to before Who By 
Similar to the "Classic Albums" series but longer (around 70 minutes).

Mostly Pete talking, including him showing us around the ex-studio near 
Battersea.  Some new Roger interviews too.
Old footage of Moon, and John (THEY SPELT HIS NAME WRONG!).
+ Richard Barnes, Irish Jack,Bill Curbishley,  and Mark Kermode.

Lots of obligatory "man sliding things up and down on a studio desk to hear 
the different parts of the music".
In particular: isolating John's horns, and Roger's scream at the end of 

Lots of old footage.  Some familiar.
Live Top of the Pops clip (5:15, I think), introduced by Noel Edmunds, where 
Pete and Keith smash their equipment at the end.
Never seen that before.

Learnt a lot: Pete didn't like the way Moon turned Bellboy into a comedy 
Pete explained the lines: "The ushers are sniffing, Eau-de-coloning": a 
reference to girl fans peeing themselves whilst watching The Beatles.

Interesting stuff about all the photos taken for the original album booklet.
They showed the locations, and some of the "modettes" who were in the 
original photos.
I never appreciated the photo of the "1970s Who Godfathers", with Jimmy (the 
punk in the gutter) on the other side of the shot.
The guy who played Jimmy in the photos died last year - there's a dedication 
at the end of the film.

You guys in US should certainly try and watch this at one of the 500 cinemas 
showing it next month.
It will be great to see it on a big screen, with a room full of other Who 

Made me really excited to hear the Quad music again.

After the documentary, BBC4 showed the Quad film.  I started watching it, 
then ended up watching all of it again.
After that: they showed the Electric Proms from a few years ago.  I started 
watching it, then ended up watching all of it again.

So I ended up watching about 4 or 5 hours of Who last night.



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