Spirit Music Acquires Classic Song Catalogue of Pete Townshend and The Who

jimthewhofan at aol.com jimthewhofan at aol.com
Wed Jan 25 20:30:37 UTC 2012

>>Bill Curbishley: "We feel that they will be of great benefit to Pete's work both 
past and future, will focus not only on better known songs but also on the 
wealth of lesser known gems"<<

Ah money. Nice work if you can get it. Poor Roger, he should have been a songwriter.

 >>"Townshend and Spirit are planning a busy 2012"<<

Don't know what that means, but OK.

 >>Pete is "finishing a long-awaited autobiography set for release in September"<<

Doubtless it'll be on my 2012 Xmas List.

 >>"A series of retrospectives for The Who's most celebrated albums are expected 
over the next two years<<<

I bypassed the recent QUADROPHENIA deluxe thingy. It's never been a favorite album. If they offer the same deluxe treatment for THE WHO BY NUMBERS
and WHO'S NEXT and even FACE DANCES, those I would buy.

>>leading up to a global celebration of the band's 50th 
anniversary in 2014." <<

Well, f*** if that doesn't make me feel old.



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