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Harry Kmiec hkmiec at rogers.com
Sun Aug 19 01:05:32 UTC 2012

Re: lyric change, and The Who sound, & band members 
The first press release , July 22nd the complete Quad America tour new band lineup was announced with some member who might have been at the Olympic gig.
During the 2012 Quad tour interview with Pete & Roger,  Pete noted that lyrics would be changed in the closing ceremony medley.
They were to reflect a young athletic theme. I don't think Pete sang one solo word.
 As they did at the Super Bowl, pre-taped track is played to their live sing-and-play-along. It guarantees good sound.
That was evident by a handful of  clips of Roger with his microphone far from his mouth when singing, catch his first " following you".
Also after Pete's 'bunny hop' and guitar solo with ' I get the music'.
Also If you listen 25 seconds after the announcers final 'good night' you can hear the pre-taped music for 9 seconds before they cut it off. 
Hope they turn it up for the live U.S. & Canadian tour.
hkmiec at rogers.com

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