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MB, thanks for the kind words.

Nice to see some Who activity again on thewho at igtc.com.

Yes, the Kaiser Chiefs performance caught me by surprise.

Point taken regarding the space needs for a full PA.

Anybody else out there wish, like me, that they'd go back to the crash cymbal/bass guitar intro to "Baba"? Those chords demand more power than a piano alone can bring. 

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Jim the who fan: I enjoyed reading your post, but I can't seen to find the'Like' 
button on here...

Simon T tweeted that PIno was too busy to make it. But he Will be playing with 
the who when they tour again.

I even enjoyed the Kaiser Chiefs playing pinball wizard. Nice surprise. For a 
moment, I thought it was Roger on the back of the scooter.

Within an hour of the concert ending, Amazon emailed me to say the CD of the 
show is available, with all three who songs
Might have to get that.


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