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That the Who capped off the Closing Ceremonies was in character with how Great Britain staged the Opening Ceremonies. The medley, while not wholly satisfying to Who fans, seemed to serve its purpose both as a closer and as a tour sneak-peak. The lyric change to "Baba" was interesting, but I'm guessing it was a one-off. Leaving out "hope I die before I get old" in "My Generation"--it's about time, isn't it? Pete said as far back as '79 that he wanted to change that particular lyric. Note to Pete: Do it. Now. Or leave that line out entirely. 

Pumped for the tour? I got tickets for Columbus for me and my kids and I have to say, I'm going only because they wanted to see the Who (I took them to see Yes a decade ago and Rush a couple of years ago). As I was telling Brian Cady a couple of days ago, I'd much prefer they tour THE WHO SELL OUT or LIFEHOUSE than QUAD. QUAD's been done, and done by a better band (that is, JAE was alive). Musically, I guess, I'm looking forward to the "and more" portion of the show. 

As far as the bass player: I paid little attention to him and didn't notice it wasn't Pino. NBC had a few shots of Chris Stainton, though, and Simon.And Billy Nichols doing backing vocals. 

Here's hoping they have a little left in the tank come February.... 

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So, did everyone get to see The Who's set at the closing ceremonies despite 
NBC's cheap marketing ploys?  What did you think?  Did it get you pumped for the 
upcoming tour?

I thought Roger sounded great.  That throat surgery seems to have done wonders 
for him.  And Pete looked like, well, Pete.  I'll definitely be taking on a show 
or two this fall/winter.

What about the stand in bass "player".  Is there any reason to think Pino might 
be replaced for the tour?

Jim M

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