The Who Announce Full Details and Track-Listing for the Release of'Quadrophenia: The Director's Cut' Boxset

Jim M nakedi at
Thu Sep 1 16:04:20 UTC 2011

From: "Martin Bailey" <Martin.Bailey at>

> Full details of the Quad box.

Cheers, Martin.  There's a lot of cool stuff there, but I struggle to 
justify the steep price.  I think I'll be opting for the 2 disc version of 
this one.  It's a shame they've taken to releasing new content in collector 
format only.  I'd love to have those demos, but I could care less about 
limited editions, 7" vinyls and posters.  No way will I pay $150 for some 
demos and and essay.   This makes the Leeds/Hull package look like a bargain 
by comparison!

Jim M 

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