December 2011 Mojo - you should buy it

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Fri Oct 28 07:26:47 UTC 2011

John said: 

> I picked up my copy of this magazine, "celebrating" the release of the Quad
> de luxe box set.

Thanks for letting us know the tracklisting. 
I knew I wanted to get the magazine, but I didn't know what was on it.

I was a little disappointed when I saw I had nearly all the songs already.  
But I went ahead and bought it yesterday anyway.

Played the CD on the drive to work this morning.
It's great to have all the songs on one CD.  
Some of them I only had as MP3s before.

The few new songs (Climbing up the wall, The young Mod's forgotten story) are OK but nothing spectacular.
I'd not heard a Booker T song with vocals before, either.

Then the Who demos.

Cut my Hair: the time signature seems very off.

Joker James: another great Pete demo to add to the list.  Loved it.
Had a new (or "old") verse about a Judo expert.
"Jeannie practiced judo, and didn't like bad jokes..."

Both are great sound quality - as we've come to expect from Pete's home studio work.

Oh, and there's another song on the CD too:

	The Small Faces	Get Yourself Together.

I've loved this song since hearing The Jam's version of it.  
But I've only heard this original version recently.


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