December 2011 Mojo - you should buy it

John Hughes pureneasy at
Tue Oct 25 19:28:58 UTC 2011

I picked up my copy of this magazine, "celebrating" the release of the Quad
de luxe box set.

I would recommend it to all Who fans, as it has a great cover mount CD, two
pretty long interviews with Pete and Roger, a review of the box set by
Ritchie Unterberger, and several photo's I haven't ever seen before of the
Who, some of which are the sort of photo you want to cut out of the magazine
and frame, they are so good.

The track list for the cover-mount CD, billed as "The Route to
Quadrophenia",  is

Slim Harpo				Got love if you want it
Bo Diddley				Who do you love
Mose Allison			Young man Blues
Eddie Cochran			Summertime Blues
Johnny Kidd & the Pirates	Shakin' all over
Benny Spellman			Fortune Teller
The Yardbirds			A certain girl
The Action				Climbing up the wall
The Creation			How does it feel
The Impressions			The young Mod's forgotten story
Booker T  Jones			Progress

And of course the two Pete demo's, Cut my hair and Joker James.

While many of the above songs have been featured before on magazine CD's
about the Who, I'm not sure that the four "big 'uns" (Mose to Benny) have
been brought into one collection before.

I'll be listening to it later on!

Oh, and the cover features the Who circa 1967-68, rather than the 1972
period for the album.

Most of the photo's in the 16 pages of Who content are of the " mod era " to
no doubt reflect the themes of Quad. As I say several of them are simply
fantastic - where the hell do they come from, and how come it's taken so
long for them to emerge?

Irish Jack gets a sidebar on one page, and in addition to the 16 pages of
Who content. There's a 4 page article on the new mods who seemed to spring
up in 1978 -79. 


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