Pete Townshend Blasts Itunes

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Wed Nov 2 02:42:49 UTC 2011

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> This topic is really a bit absurd

Quite!  If you watch Pete's talk, he's concerned mostly with young artists 
being nurtured and, ultimately, paid.  It wasn't about him; It was about the 
next generation of musicians and songwriters.
Thanks, Jon in MI for the link!

I was more put off by today's announcement on The Who's official site that 
Simon is touring in early 2012.  Yet another sign no Who shows are coming 
any time soon.  And from the clips I've seen of his tour, Roger's voice has 
been doing very well since his post Superbowl throat procedure.  I've got a 
feeling the boys have one more go around left in them, and I intend to be 
there, front and center!

Jim M 

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