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Tue May 31 20:30:42 UTC 2011

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I saw that on The Who's Facebook page.  Some good insights into what Pete's 
been up to recently.  Good to hear he's still working on Floss.  Although he 
laments, "In the age of iTunes, when we buy individual tracks with a click, 
the notion of a story-led album seems whimsically outdated. "I'm finding it 
very difficult to change," Townshend says. "I've been through phases where 
I've wanted to get on a plane and kill Steve Jobs.""  So what?!  Write your 
latest Opera and stick in a Pinball Wizard-like pop hit and everything will 
work out fine!  Green Day and Muse don't seem to have any trouble selling 
their concept albums in the iTunes age.

'Townshend's memoir, which, at 80,000 words, is "about a third" done, is 
provisionally entitled "Pete Townshend: Who He?" '

It's a third done after ten years and his new publisher think 
they're going to be releasing it in 15 months!  Good on you, Pete, I hope 
you cashed the advance check!  If by some miracle this book ever gets 
finished, I hope there's a book 'tour'.  Maybe having the book to flog will 
spur Pete into one last go with the band.

Jim M 

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