Agent Shopping Pete Townshend's Memoirs

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Thu May 12 22:17:48 UTC 2011

He is going to have a hard time selling tickets.  Shows on this tour are likely to be canceled.   He is not a big draw; small venues are fine, but there is no way he is selling out a hockey-style 17,000 seat arena night to night. 
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On 5/12/2011 2:56 PM, Jim M wrote:
> So, I know I got an email about this, but I can't fine it.  I think it came from, but I'm not sure.  Does this mean Pete's too busy working on his book to tour with Roger?  "Crains" seems to be a subscription site. I wonder if there are any more details there?
> Jim M
Pete's Tinnitus is bothering him again and he says he won't tour as long 
as it does.  My guess is he just doesn't want to tour period especially 
with The Who and doesn't "need" to.   Of course Roger wants to tour as 
I'm sure he can see that he won't be able to down the road with his 
voice issues.

I question the ability of Roger to pull off this tour as well.  These 
are much larger venues than his last tour.  I saw Roger at the Ryman in 
Nashville that has a 2,000 capacity and at best it was three quarters 
full.  The ampitheatre in Alpharetta holds 12,000 people just shy of the 
13,000 venue the Who played in town in 2006.   I don't think there is 
any way Roger can draw anything close to filling 10,000 seat venues.


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