Agent Shopping Pete Townshend's Memoirs

Jim M nakedi at
Thu May 12 18:56:13 UTC 2011

So, I know I got an email about this, but I can't fine it.  I think it came from, but I'm not sure.  Does this mean Pete's too busy working on his book to tour with Roger?  "Crains" seems to be a subscription site. I wonder if there are any more details there?

Jim M

Ed Victor, literary agent for rock icon Pete Townshend, has sent a proposal for a Pete Townshend autobiography to publishers. Not surprisingly, since Townshend is one of rock's more literate artists, the Who man is writing the book by himself.  
According to, the proposal entitled Pete Townshend: Who He? contains a sample chapter and an outline from The Who's guitarist. The book will cover all areas of his life from childhood, through The Who to the present day.

Victor is expecting a publisher to jump on the book very quickly. "Stay tuned," he said

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