Quadrophenia 2

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at netsoltech.com
Fri May 6 15:37:02 UTC 2011

Brian in Atlanta has tweeted a link to this:

Which includes this:

"Richard Jobson, the director who began his career as the singer of Scottish punk band the Skids, 
and who broke into film-making with 2004's 16 Years of Alcohol, has now signed on to make the long-awaited sequel to Quadrophenia. 
He argues that it's the outsider spirit that creates the most interesting work. "

Apparently the Quadrophenia 2 movie rumour has now also been confirmed by The Who's management.

A follow-up film to Quadrophenia?  Really?  Long-Awaited?  Really?

I can't see much need for it.  The film / album tells the whole story.  A sequel seems superfluous.

But, it has got me wondering...

When will the film be set?  Mid 60s?  Present day?

If its present day, then Phil Daniels etc could appear again.  But, a film set soon after "Q1" would need a whole new cast.

Most intriguing is the music:

Best case scenario - and too much to ever hope for - the soundtrack will feature a whole new soundtrack by the Who.
That would just be FAN-TAS-TIC.  But, unlikely...

Worse case scenario: features non-Who soundtrack.
Maybe other 60s mod music.  Fine, but won't be the same without Who.

Or: something else.
Mid-case scenario: features other Who songs not originally featured in the original film - but still "fit".
I'm thinking of:
	- Drowned
	- The Rock
	- Quadrophenia (instrumental)
	- Water
	- I don't Know Myself
	- Had Enough
	- However Much I Booze
	- much of White City album
	- Without your Love
Anything else?


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