Pete Townsend in today's ShortList magazine, and at Roger's rehearsal yesterday

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Thu Mar 17 13:54:29 UTC 2011

I've just been sent a tweet with a scanned page of the magazine: 

(I was also sent an apology for the poor quality.)

The article is about the impact of London's Kings Road on fashion during the 60s.

The photo shows Pete buying a shirt at Just Men in 1966.

In other twitter news, Simon Townshend said this yesterday:

	"Had a great rehearsal with Daltrey and co today. 
	My bruv pete came down. 
	If u don't know, we are performing tommy next week at RAH for TCT"

So Pete was at Roger's rehearsal...  
Teaching them how to play Sparks?
Is it too much to hope that Pete may be making a surprise guest appearance at Bournemouth this Saturday...?


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