Roger on the One Show

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Fri Mar 11 19:37:02 UTC 2011

I just saw Roger on BBC1's live One Show.  He was promoting TCT, of course.

The other guest and hosts were tasting different mustards.
Roger declined: after singing all day, he didn't want to have spicy food - 
to protect his throat.

Then the others were tasting different ice cream.
Roger declined, claiming "it's dairy".
(Does Roger not eat dairy food?)

So poor Roger was mostly just left sitting around on a couch watching other 
people eat.

They showed a clip of The Who from last year's RAH TCT gig: a minute from 
the middle of 5:15.
It was such a random piece of music I couldn't even work out what song it 
was for a while.

They kept asking him questions about smashing guitars - as though they were 
interviewing the wrong Who.

Roger also said he would take up painting, should he ever retire.


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