Quadrophenia (Super Deluxe Edition) - Available for Pre-Order

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Thu Jul 21 14:39:32 UTC 2011

what about amazon.com in america?  will it come out here too?
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Martin.Bailey at netsoltech.com writes:

It's now  on Amazon.  Makes it seem much more "real".

5  Disks!

November Release!

Can see from the photo that it comes in  a big box - LP size.  Poster.  
Several Postcards,  Big hardback  book.  And 5 Disks.



released on November 14, 2011.  Price £107.14.

What?   Wind that back!

Yes: 107 pounds.  I expect that will come  down.  Around £80 maybe, like 
LAL. Which is still too much, but I may be  tempted...

There is also a "Quadrophenia [Deluxe Edition]"   being released on the 
same day.  2 Disks, for  £22.


Release Date November 22, 2011.  No price or any more  details.

Time to write my "Dear Santa..."  letter,


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