No Who Tour or Album in 2011

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Trust me...They will be back-
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The song is over.
Accept it.
Age, health, other interests.
So what if they "fade away"? There are worse fates. 
We enjoyed them while we, and they, could.
Godspeed, Pete and Roger. God bless Keith and John.





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>Subject: No Who Tour or Album in 2011


>Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


>That really, really sucks.



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>Aw, hell. That's a bummer.

That's all you got? "That's a bummer"?

I'd say that fully sucks arse.

Roger's voice could go any day. Pete's hearing is keeping them from touring.

And, good luck being able to catch them at the "one off" shows.

Just keeping hope that they don't decide to just fade away, or worse yet are 

forced for health reasons to hang it up.


A post thought....wonder what affect the article about Roger's voice has on 

trying to book a tour? There's got to be insurance on such things.

Clueless....but wonder...

Kevin in VT


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