Next Tuesday Toronto '82 streaming on the Wolfgang's Vault

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Thu Jan 13 13:42:24 UTC 2011

To Chris and all, 

Thanks for reminding me of the details, and separating the fact from fiction in my memory.

> Somehow, I remember seeing this again recently.  Possibly on Youtube. 

I'll have a look for it later.  Now that I've got a few more keywords to search for.

> I remember a couple of comments that were made by Pete: 

You've just listed the worst three things that stick out in my mind the most about this whole concert.
All of them are Pete just being embarrassingly stupid.  IMHO.

> 1) about Roger playing the guitar in Eminence Front; and 

"Many of you may never of seen Roger play the guitar before."
Er, yes, we have, quite a few times actually.

(Although, to be fair, this may have been rare back in 1982.
Roger does play a lot more guitar now - both solo and with The Who, than he ever did before.)

> 2) to the crowd about not understanding him just before playing It's Hard; 

"What's hard is making it feel hard.  You don't know what I mean at all ..."

No Pete, we don't know what you mean.  Is that your attempt at innuendo?
More guitar, less stupid introductions, please.

> and also Roger saying something about the rubber spider thrown on the stage towards the end of Boris. 

The whole rubber spider on the stage / jumping on the spider whilst playing guitar is just cringe-worthy.  
Rock and roll pantomime.
If I ever get a DVD of this show, I'll have to look away from the screen at this point.

What's most annoying is that all of these stupidest parts of the show have now ended being released multiple times: 
Its Hard bonus tracks, Live in Toronto CD, and now on Wolfgang's Vaults.


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