Next Tuesday Toronto '82 streaming on the Wolfgang's Vault

Matt imageblownoutin67 at
Thu Jan 13 03:35:26 UTC 2011

If I remember this correctly during the synth break for WGFA it showed the
kid from the It's Hard cover playing the video game but instead of a game
photos of the band were shown on the game screen. When it's end the kid
turns around and looks directly at you. It's the the Rocks Toronto VHS


I remember seeing the Who on UK TV when I was about 13 - about 1984.

(So bare with me if my memory if is a little rusty.)

> During part of the show, some fancy graphics were to used to make it look
like a kid was playing a computer game.

He was bashing the buttons like a modern-day Pinball machine.

The Who were playing live on the screen, maybe in CGI.

This was the same kid / computer game image that is shown on the back on the
It's Hard album cover.

Does anyone else remember this?

What song was playing during this segment?

It would have worked well during the Won't Get Fooled Again synth section.

Or was it the start of Pinball Wizard?  Or something else?

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