Next Tuesday Toronto '82 streaming on the Wolfgang's Vault

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Schlitz beer sponsored the whole tour .I remember the who getting flack for it because of moon and townshends alcoholism

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To Martin and all, 

I also remember the broadcast since it was on HBO, I believe in the summer of '83.  This was my introduction to the band.  Never could find out if the HBO broadcast was the beer sponsor (Coors/Schlitz) Rocks America or the other show.  I think the HBO show may have combined both shows.  I remember some breaks in the flow of the show.  I still have the concert on cassette. 

The video display that was used, if I'm not mistaken, was a collage of pictures of the band during the synth segment of WGFA.  The album cover of It's Hard shows the boy playing the video game, but what he's actually looking at are the various pictures of the band through the years leading up to a couple pictures of Kenny Jones.  Somehow, I remember seeing this again recently.  Possibly on Youtube. 

I remember a couple of comments that were made by Pete: 1) about Roger playing the guitar in Emminence Front; and 2) to the crowd about not understanding him just before playing It's Hard; and also Roger saying something about the rubber spider thrown on the stage towards the end of Boris. 


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Scott Keller reminisced: 

> I haven't seen the show, but actual CGI as we know it, back in 1984?  Seems like 
> that was fairly primitive technology in 1984.   

This "CGI" was little better than, say, the graphics of the Space Invaders arcade games of this era. 

Think of the blocky graphics on the back of Its Hard: 

Maybe the sequence was actually hand-drawn cartoons, made to look like computer graphics.  As in the first Tron film. 

Maybe I've remembered wrong.  Maybe I'm mashing up the Its Hard cover and the concert footage in my head. 


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