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I haven't seen the show, but actual CGI as we know it, back in 1984?  Seems like 
that was fairly primitive technology in 1984.  I was working in a Fortune 500 
company's computer department in 1984 and all we had a were monitors with green 
screens on our PCs.  They were terrible at displaying graphics.  I wonder what 
the TV/movie industry was using then.

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Bruce mentioned:

> ... original VHS release to make the show fit easily 
> onto a 120m video tape that was standard at the time.  The version I saw 
> on HBO in 1983 was cut even further down to 90m.  The VHS version was ...

I remember seeing the Who on UK TV when I was about 13 - about 1984.
(So bare with me if my memory if is a little rusty.)

During part of the show, some fancy graphics were to used to make it look like a 
kid was playing a computer game.  

He was bashing the buttons like a modern-day Pinball machine.
The Who were playing live on the screen, maybe in CGI.

This was the same kid / computer game image that is shown on the back on the 
It's Hard album cover.

Does anyone else remember this?

What song was playing during this segment?  
It would have worked well during the Won't Get Fooled Again synth section.
Or was it the start of Pinball Wizard?  Or something else?

But I've never seen this show since.  
I always assumed this was the Toronto Show, which was later released on VHS.  
Ie: The Who Rocks America.  Is that right?
I always hoped to get it on DVD.  Well worth a reissue.


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