Pre-Cancerous Growths Removed From Roger Daltrey's Throat

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Fri Jan 7 10:44:02 UTC 2011

I thought this was old news, but everyone's started talking about it again 
in the last few days.
Explains his voice at the SuperBowl.

Roger singing into 80s?  That will keep me happy for a long time.

For example:

And there's a video at: The Who Frontman Opens Up About Losing His Voice 
[CBS Local]


Pre-Cancerous Growths Removed From Roger Daltrey's Throat
Who frontman had procedure done in 2009, but news of it only recently came 
to light
Dave M. Benett/Getty
By Andy Greene
January 4, 2011 1:45 PM EDT

Roger Daltrey was roundly criticized for his singing voice at the 2010 Super 
Bowl halftime show, but few people knew that just weeks earlier The Who 
frontman had a precancerous growth removed from his vocal cord.
Daltrey noticed he was having extreme difficulty with his singing voice 
while on a solo tour in 2009.
"My voice wasn't performing in a normal way," he told CBS Los Angeles last 
"It was becoming hard work to sing. I just got lucky that somebody put me in 
touch with Steven Zeitel at Mass General. He saw me and told me that he 
didn't like what he saw."

(The news was posted on the CBS website a month ago, but it received little 
attention. The news hit our radar when it was referenced in a Rolling Stones 
message board post.)

Roger Daltrey Planning Who Tour, New Collaborations

One week before Christmas 2009 Daltrey went under the knife. "He took off 
what he could from the problem area on my vocal cord," Daltrey said.
"He said it wasn't cancer, but it was a pre-cancerous [growth] and you have 
to keep an eye on it...
I see him every time after I finish a tour and he swears that he'll keep me 
singing into my 80s. That might upset some people, but it keeps me happy."

When The Who last toured America in 2008 some of the venues weren't sold 
"You can do too much and oversell your market," Daltrey said.
"You can also lose your passion for it." Despite Pete Townshend's recent 
hearing problems, Daltrey says that The Who are still planning on touring 
this year.
"We have an incredible catalog of songs that we can never plan in one tour," 
Daltrey said. "We're trying to work out something where we play a good size 
chunk of it, but we'll see."

He didn't elaborate on exactly how they planned on expanding the setlist, 
but in other recent interviews Daltrey suggested the possibility of playing 
multiple night stands that would feature
Quadropehania <sic>, Tommy and a third night of hits and rarities.

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