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Fri Feb 18 13:53:34 UTC 2011

>Martin Bailey <Martin.Bailey at>
>Kevin shared this with the rest of the class:

>> Oh, and been playing a bit of banjo these days myself.

>Can you play "Blue, Red and Grey" yet?
>Or any other of Pete's banjo songs? 

I haven't tried any of The Who's songs yet.
Key phrase in my statement above is "playing a bit." I'm just learning.
Been learning guitar and had a banjo fall in my lap at the same time.
Always liked how Pete plays and gives credit to his banjo background. You can hear it in his guitar.
I've been using the banjo to practice "rolls" which are the finger picking sequences.
It's an excursive in repetitive memorization. Training your mind to just put those picking fingers into auto-pilot.
The rolls on banjo translate well to fast picking of cords on the guitar.

>Also, Kevin: 
>How well does something like Pinball Wizard translate to being played on the banjo?

Not sure. But, willing to find out!

>Are the same guitar chords also available on the banjo?

Not all, given the limited number of strings on the banjo. But, clearly the banjo is all about relatively simple chords played with either a strum or more commonly the picking rolls.

>How would that sound? 

Awesome, I'm sure. Thus far I'm focused on the classic Dueling Banjos which is really just a few simple chords with some fast and changing picking rolls.
Nothing like sitting out on the deck in the mountains picking away.
I have also taken War Pigs and played that on the banjo.
A new twist!

>There's something to aim for.

So much to aim for I don't know where to point sometimes!
I tend to figure things out on guitar, then take it to the bass, and then the banjo.
They're all so closely related, that once I get back to the guitar things seem to click very nicely.
I'm currently studying a book on the math of guitar, triads and such.

Kevin in VT

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