Roger presents to Mumford and Sons....

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Wed Feb 16 18:19:10 UTC 2011

>Martin Bailey 
>>I didn't see it, but I heard that Roger was at the Brit Awards, which was shown live on UK TV last night.
>>He presented the best album award to Mumford and Sons.

How ironic.
I loved their song Little Lion Man the first time I heard it...months ago.
Felt it had the same kind of brilliant mix of true musicianship, meaningful lyrics and anger as The Who.
Purchased their album a couple weeks ago. Posted the youtube link to above song on my FaceB wall the night of the Grammy's and then watched them absolutely blow the doors off the Grammy Awards playing Cave.

How appropriate for Roger to be handing them best album award.

Oh, and been playing a bit of banjo these days myself.

Kevin in VT

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