Who Kampuchea 1979 DVD

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It isn't about trusting the Wik.

It's about listening to the track. 

My ears tell me that is not Kenney Jones playing. The style and sound are much more Mark Brzezicki than Jones.

Whoever wrote the Wiki piece may well be confusing that track with with "Ascension Two," which Pete did record with John and Kenney in '82 (ultimately released on Peter Gabriel's WOMAD lp).





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Jim said:

> I think this outtake from CHINESE EYES has Mark Brzezicki on drums, not 

> Kenney Jones.

That depends on whether you trust Wikipedia or not:

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_the_Best_Cowboys_Have_Chinese_Eyes

"...."Dance It Away", recorded with Kenney Jones and John Entwistle (thus 

making it a quasi-Who recording;

the song was also performed live in concert by the band between 1979 and 

1981, usually as a coda to "Dancing in the Street"), released as the B-side 

of "Uniforms"...."



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