Who Kampuchea 1979 DVD

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"Dance It Away" was played, in several forms, fairly extensively on the Who's late fall tour of 1979. My favorite version remains the one they did at MSG on Sept. 16. The versions played on the later tour, though, more closely resemble the one that Pete ultimately recorded.

I think this outtake from CHINESE EYES has Mark Brzezicki on drums, not Kenney Jones. 





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Bruce told us about this:

> http://www.yeeshkul.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23416

We need to log in to see this page - is it worth it?

> This is a free DVD, not a bootleg release.

So... that means we need to download it from somewhere, and burn it 


If so: where do we get it from?  Do we have to create a login on yeeshkul?

> 18. I Can See For Miles

> 19. I Don't Wanna Be An Old Man

I'd not heard of this Who song.

I tracked it down here, the same video clip as this Kampuchea DVD:


Nice slow bluesy improvisation.

By the look of it, it was only played this once...?

> 22. Dancing In The Streets

> 23. Dance It Away

Another unfamiliar track.  But I recognised the name from somewhere....

I had to look it up to remind myself:  it was bonus track on "All the Best 

Cowboys".  Recorded by Pete with John and Kenny.

You can hear that version here:


Thanks for the heads up.



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