Who Kampuchea 1979 DVD

Jim M nakedi at comcast.net
Sat Feb 12 14:04:00 UTC 2011

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From: Bruce Kawakami

> If you want a complete pro-shot of the band's last concert of the 1970s in 
> the above quality, I would say yes. :)  This show will NOT be on LLR, TTD, 
> or Dime because it contains commercially released material.

Thanks, Bruce!  It looks great on the computer and I'm about to go check it 
out on the TV.

If the rest of you are familiar with Bit Torrents, the sign up for this site 
is very easy.  It is a PAL disc, though, so not all US DVD players will be 
able to play it.  It should be fine on your computer.

Jim M 

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