Martin Bailey mobailey at
Sun Feb 6 08:41:59 UTC 2011

I switched on my radio yesterday, and Radio 2 were playing a familiar song
"... time... "

I then experienced that wonderful feeling in life: recognising a song, and 
being able to sing along, but not knowing what it was.
"... dizziness ..."

Then the little "Who" light in my mental HUD flashed up.
"... walk on back to you. "

This was The Who.
"...round and around..."

But it wasn't The Who.
"...dragging me down."

Not The Who.  Just a very good, 60s cover.  Just as punchy as The Who's 
version - perhaps more so.

The DJ said it was "Les Fleur De Lys", and their version of Circles.
He described it as a "very rare" recording.  Which may explain why I hadn't 
heard this before.

You can hear it here:


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