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Sun Aug 28 23:36:14 UTC 2011

>>>  I was watching some youtube clips the other day and noticed there was 
something missing from Won't Get Fooled Again.


>>>  After his scream, Roger doesn't sing the line "Meet the new Boss; Same as 
the old boss."  Was that edited, or did he leave out that line that night?

>>>  Jim

"I don't know.   Mc was there, maybe he remembers.    Mc, you still here?    Can 
you weigh in on this?
Are you still letting people punch you in the face?     A local venue is hosting 
the Who's Next tribute
band this weekend and I thought of you getting them to come to New Orleans a few 
years back."

Sellersville Theater in PA

Joe in Philly


Yes, I am still here.  I have a post in the latest digest re: Louis CK and Who are You.
No, I no longer get punched in the face.  Rarely drink anymore and when I do, don't get sauced enough
to let someone take a free shot.  Almost 40 now and have grown up quite a bit.  I have become friends with the
Who's Next guys and keep in semi-regular contact with them since they played down here.  I have travelled to 
a number of their shows:BB King's (several times), Hard Rock in Atlantic City, Oyster Fest in Suffolk County, 
Cleveland HOB; and their "Pete," Billy Canell, has graciously allowed me to stay at his home in Mineola on a 
couple of occasions.  They are great guys and by far the most suthentic Who tribute going.  PLEASE tell them
I said hello when you see them in Sellersville.  I know they play there a couple times a year.

As for CFNYC, it was not an edit.  Roger just didn't sing the lines.  Speculation was that he didn't sing them
bc he felt they weren't appropriate for the occasion, but there has been no confirmation of that from Rog.  My
favorite moment of that set, tho, wasn't musical.  At one point, I think right after Baba, a policeman threw 
hat on stage for Roger to wear.  Roger put it on for about 3 seconds, then gave it back to the man, saying,
"I'm not worthy of wearing this."  Roger is one of the few people on the planet who truly "get it."


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