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Fri Sep 24 13:55:38 UTC 2010

You can listen at:  

(Awful sound quality.  Volume up and down all over the place.)

But: good half hour interview.

Here's some paraphrased best bits:

RD: "I've been painting and decorating"
Interviewer: You've got builder's crack?
(Ha! Very quick / funny.)
RD: "I have actually"

"Who are planning something... can't say what."
"Pete is writing."

Worst question ever: 
"why don't The Who do a "Greatest Hits" tour in 2011 rather than perform Quadrophenia?  Will make more money"

NO!  This is not what the Who fans want!  We don't want the same setlist again!
(Surely question was asked with tongue in cheek?)
RD: "I thought the last tour war a Greatest Hits tour?"

Album most proud of: 
RD: "Who's Next"
RD: "Who Sell Out is one of my favourites...  Harmonies in backing vocals."

Why has "It's Not Enough" been performed live?
RD: "Pete said it had no dynamic... just a rant"

RD: "Young people don't contemplate anything.... lot of psychology damage being done."

What do think about fans downloading your music for free off the internet?
"Downloading the recent tours is a shame, as they're available from Encore Series - and the money goes to charity."
"If they download it for free I don't give a s***."

Who would you like to work with?
"I'd like to work with Sade!" (dirty laugh)
"Discussed recording with Eric Clapton - needed to work out what songs."
"All I want to do is work with The Who again"

Bring US tour to UK?
"If the Who aren't working next year... maybe."

TCT in US:
"Getting involved with UCLA.  I've just been banging on doors."
"Who Cares initiative": getting Who fans to raise money for TCT."

Keith Moon Movie:
"On 6th or 7th version of Script.  
I've got sit-down time between now and Christmas.  Have a writer friend, going to sit down and write it together.
Influenced by recent Serge Gainsborough film."

Who would you like to sing "J'taime" with?
"Jane Birken" (like original)

What were you doing when Elvis died?
"I was in vacation in Connecticut"

Playing with The Doors:
"I got on great with Jim"

What would you like to be doing in 10 years?
"I'd just like to be getting up in morning.  Not knocking on wood!"


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