Alls quiet on the Whoness front....

Jim M nakedi at
Tue Sep 21 16:00:27 UTC 2010

From: "O'Neal, Kevin W." <Kevin.ONeal at>

> Sure is quite in here these days.
> Are other lists as slow?
> Momentum lost since the last tour.
> Meanwhile, is sending things out via facebook.

There's a convention coming up in about a week in London.

Any word on the Live at Leeds reissue I've heard about recently?  Does it 
really contain the entire Hull concert?  I thought some of the tapes of that 
were damaged.  Missing bass, was it?

> Guess we'll wait to see what Pete's next move is.
> Bring on Floss and then bring on the fully realized multi-media event that 
> is Lifehouse.

I'm assuming there will be 2011 tour.  New music, I'll guess 60/40 against.


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