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To respond....Yes I did. And to Jim M- my appreciation to you for handling my inappropriate response with class. I have NOW educated myself as to Hull and find they took some or all of the bass from Leeds and inserted it into Hull. I'll be buying that.....oh yes!!! Thanks to all. Jon
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Bigjon said: 
>> Your missing a lot of things ....I bet-

Jim  scratched his head and said:
>I'm not sure what I've done to offend you, Sir, so I'll just apologize  
>whatever it was and get on with my life.  You have a good day  now.

Jon in Mi is butting in with:
As we all know, text is easily misunderstood when you don't know a  person. 
 -A lot of times even when we do!
Jim, I think bigjon mistook your exclamation that Hull was included with  
the LAL super deluxe as a "duh!" instead of "We're finally getting the Hull  
show!" which, for $63.99, is one less thing you will be missing.  
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