THE WHO - LIVE AT LEEDS - 40th Anniversary Super-DeluxeCollectors'Edition

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Mon Oct 11 23:31:31 UTC 2010

  On 10/11/2010 4:11 PM, Jim M wrote:
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> From: "Martin Bailey" <Martin.Bailey at>
>> This is undoubtedly a mistake. Someone got too "Copy + Paste"-happy.
> You're right.  Must be.

A press article did the same thing last week,  Obviously from the same 
source and a mistake:

>> I imagine it was even more complicated than that: slowing down some 
>> parts of the Leeds bass, and speeding up other parts of the same songs.
>> And adding extra gaps / less gaps, etc.
>> A horrible, thankless task.  I imagine it could sound a bit "odd" and 
>> "out of place" in some parts.
>> (Someone, on some Who forum, is bound to moan about it, in the same 
>> way that every remaster has been moaned at.)
> But, it was only 4 songs.  I can't believe it took them this long to 
> realize the rest was fine.  Didn't anyone want to listen to it just 
> for their own enjoyment??
> Now the "other" big question.  Will they fix the mastering on the 
> Tommy section of Leeds for this release?
> Jim M

With Protools you can make anything fit.  A couple of mouse clicks and 
it's done.  They changed out of of the bass lines during the My 
Generation bass solo on Leeds and few noticed.  It's been years since I 
paid attention to it but I think the first and third solo line are the 
same whereas previous versions the original was kept.   They would have 
never mentioned having to fly in the bass for Hull if they hadn't back 
themselves into a corner saying it wasn't there years ago.   You'd be 
hard pressed to find any live recording of The Who that didn't have 
overdubs and/or edits.

No word on fixing Leeds but my guess would be no changes.

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