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Jim M nakedi at
Mon Oct 11 12:54:24 UTC 2010 posted a bit about the new Leeds/Hull release that answers the question I had.  Namely, where did they find Entwistle's bass track for Hull?  Answer: They didn't.  They're using his bass track from Leeds for the portions that are missing from Hull!

Get this bit...

"Now years later the Hull tapes were revisited and it was discovered that because the first reel consisting of four tracks had no bass, everyone had assumed that the whole show had no bass and didn't listen to any more of it, but in fact the rest of the gig was complete."

Oh, yes, no point in checking the rest of the tape.  Nothing worth saving here!! 

So, I looked closer at the track listings and noticed that every track on the first disc of Leeds is exactly, to the second, the same length as the same song on Hull.  I can see they would have needed to do that for the four tracks they were splicing together, presumably by speeding or slowing one of them.  But, the rest of them wouldn't match, would they?

Jim M

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