The Best Acoustic Song Ever

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Mon Oct 4 14:08:03 UTC 2010

This is the latest question posed on Planet Rock.

It's had me thinking.  Presumably something like "Stairway to Heaven" or "Hotel California" will top the poll.

I would expect to see some Dylan and Neil Young in the list too - but it's hard to guess which songs.  Maybe Tenacious D.

The Who have done some wonderful acoustic arrangements of established songs.  Eg: Drowned.

But are there any naturally acoustic songs that deserve to be in this list?  
There's songs like "Blue Red or Grey", "Sunrise", a few songs from Endless Wire, and a number of solo acoustic Pete songs.  
Although we may like (love) these, none of them really deserve to be a list of best songs of all time.

So, unless I can think of anything better: my vote is going to be: "Pinball Wizard".  The Acoustic guitar riff just about qualify it.

But - am I forgetting anything?  Is there a better Acoustic song?  Who or otherwise?



This month we take the volume down a notch or two but ramp up the quality 
- this month we want to know which acoustic and semi-acoustic rock you love.

Grown men have been known to weep upon hearing the lilting melodies of a great acoustic track, and there's a good reason for it. 
Rock music is stripped back to its very core, and the emotion of any song is laid bare for all to hear. 
Musicians can create great atmosphere using the simple acoustic guitar, and it's these oh-so-special songs that we're looking for. 
These may be stripped back classics, seminal folk tunes, unplugged alternate versions or just a guy with a guitar singing a genuinely brilliant tune.

The songs don't have to be wholly acoustic - as long as the acoustic guitar / piano / bass etc is central to the song then they will count. 
Songs that have a tiny bit of acoustic noodling before launching into a heavy metal tirade will not. Remember - quiet is the new loud!

We want the very best acoustic or semi-acoustic tracks for this month's poll and Darren will play out the very best of them in a special countdown show 
on Saturday 23 October at 6pm.

And everyone that takes part in this month's poll will thrown into a prize draw for a PURE ONE CLASSIC - 
the superb DAB radio which is based upon the pioneering PURE ONE - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

To take part in the poll simply name your song in the form below and then fill in your details to be added to the prize draw.

And don't forget to tune in on 23 October at 6pm to hear the results.

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